Monday, October 7, 2013

A note from Erika | personal

 photo weed.jpg I need a clone, HELP! This is the time of the year when my life is nothing but chaotic. I struggle to find that balance between family and business. Now that we are losing daylight sooner and weekday evening sessions for families are just about impossible, I have open up my weekends to shoot. That's all I'll be doing is shooting and spending the rest with my family. I will not be editing or answering emails, texts or phone calls that have to deal with my photography business. Although, it will be very hard for me because I don't like looking at my phone showing me I have messages. I like my icons to have nothing on!!! I find myself taking that call while we are in a store at 7pm on a Saturday evening and my husband just shakes his head. He has to remind me that it is the weekend and it's family time, all business calls/emails/texts can wait till Monday. So here is my schedule to contact me Monday through Friday 9am till 5pm. Please contact me at one location. If you contact me on FB and don't hear from me by end of night don't text or email. I got it, I just haven't had time to answer back. It takes time to answer all emails, texts, phones calls and some days I have over 20+ emails. This does take time away from editing and on those days when I'm in an editing crunch I will not be answering any emails, texts, phone calls. This has been one of my busiest years with weddings and my senior photography has doubled. There is only one me with two hands trying to accomplish everything. If only I had a clone, life would be a little! Thank you for your patience. Erika

Sidney | Van Wert Senior Photography

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 photo IMG_1563bw.jpg

Pease Family | Paulding, OH Family Photography

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 photo Untitled-1-15.jpg

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 photo ca.jpg

 photo IMG_9113.jpg

Kiana | Van Wert Senior Photography

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 photo IMG_8686.jpg

Varner Family | Fort Wayne, IN Family Photography

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Goyings Summer Fun | Hamilton, IN Family Photography

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

baby janae | Paulding, OH Newborn Photography

 photo mermaidjanae.jpg

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 photo IMG_5074bw.jpg

 photo IMG_5057.jpg

 photo IMG_5085.jpg

Another sweet and beautiful baby. LOVE her little mermaid outfit her grandma made for her. Can't wait for her next session with her beautiful sisters =)

baby adelyn | Fort Wayne, IN Newborn Photography

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 photo IMG_1474.jpg

 photo IMG_1571bwhaze.jpg

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 photo IMG_1673haze.jpg

 photo IMG_1705bwhaze.jpg

One of my FAVORITE newborn sessions to date. Baby Adelyn was so sweet and slept the entire time. I always get so excited when I have a session with the family because they are so GORGEOUS and FUN! Can't wait for our Christmas session in October =)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

jessica+kyle {e.session} | Paulding, OH Wedding Photography

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 photo IMG_7607.jpg

 photo IMG_7663.jpg

 photo IMG_7732bw.jpg

 photo IMG_7884.jpg

 photo IMG_7900.jpg

Meet my July bride and groom. Another laid back couple who are totally in LOVE. Jessica was smokin hot in her outfit selections, and those pumps...eeeeeek, LOVE!!! Can't wait to photograph their wedding next month.

the sanders family | Paulding, OH Family Photography

 photo IMG_7206-copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7218-copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7318bw-copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7379-copy.jpg

I had such a blast with this family. They were nothing but FUN!!!!!